Understanding the Types of COVID-19 Tests


It has been over a year since the global health pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed the world. Over the course of the crisis, testing has been a powerful prevention and mitigation strategy. Aside from getting a Covid19 Test in Eastvale, California, wearing a mask, practicing proper hygiene such as the handwashing to maintaining physical distance have reduced the spread of the virus. These have not only protect one’s self but the people around as well.

Even with the widespread vaccination going across the world, COVID testing still plays a critical role in preventing the spread, especially with the variants emerging. Before getting tested here in Accurate Covid19 Test, it is essential to understand which among the different COVID tests to undergo.

  • Molecular test, known as RNA or PCR test It is used to screen for presence of viral RNA, and results are highly accurate. A nasopharyngeal swab is used to collect mucus from the nose or throat, but the use of saliva is also becoming common. Molecular tests are also often called PCR Test in California, short for polymerase chain reaction.
  • Antigen test, known as rapid test This type of COVID testing is called a “rapid test” because its turnaround time is quicker than an RNA test. It works in much the same way as a molecular test but is cheaper and more likely to miss active coronavirus infection.
  • Antibody test, known as serology test or blood test Unlike PCR tests that commonly use swabs to detect COVID-19, antibody tests use blood samples that are taken to laboratory providers to look for Coronavirus antibodies. Moreover, this test cannot diagnose active Coronavirus infection.

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