The New Normal Safety Guidelines for Throwing a Party


Although more and more people are already getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, you can’t help but worry about throwing a party. We all want to continue celebrating important milestones with our loved ones, but we also want to keep them away from infection.

So, as laboratory providers, we are here to guide you on the safety precautions you can follow to make sure your family and guests are safe.

Invite a few important people. You don’t have to invite every single one of your classmates, coworkers, neighbors, and everyone you know. Invite a few ones that are really close to you and have always kept in touch.

Since you are inviting a limited number of guests, consider getting everyone tested. You can also encourage your invitees to get vaccinated before the event.

Prepare non-contact thermal scanners, a few portable air purifiers, and disinfectants to bring to the event. You can also give each guest some rubbing alcohol and wipes that they can use during the party.

If possible, consider having a small celebration only with your family and very close friends. You can eat out, have a little picnic, or prepare a fancy dinner at home. Sometimes, what matters is not how big the party is, but who you are celebrating with.

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