Keep Your Child Healthy: Back-to-School Safety Tips


It hurts us as parents to watch our child injured or unwell. That is why, once schools reopen and traditional classes start, parents, families, and caregivers are concerned about their children’s safety.

What can you do to keep your school-aged child safe? As you prepare your child to return to school, know that there are steps you can do to keep them healthy.

  • Schedule a Covid19 test in Eastvale, California
    Screening tests identify patients with COVID-19 who do not have symptoms and have no known, suspected, or reported COVID-19 exposure. This program identifies unknown COVID-19 cases so schools can take preventative measures against the virus’s spread. Schedule your child now for a quick COVID test.
  • Encourage COVID-19 Vaccination
    A COVID-19 vaccine and booster doses may protect your child from contracting COVID-19 or being extremely unwell or hospitalized as a result of COVID-19. It can also help your child participate in school and other group activities more safely.
  • Reinforce the everyday precautions
    As you prepare to send your children back to school, be careful to stress the daily COVID-19 precautions they will need to remember, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, washing their hands, and staying home when sick.
  • Schedule an annual wellness exam
    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, but it has not altered the significance of monitoring your child’s and your general health and welfare. Checkups with your primary care physician may be more necessary than ever right now.

As your trusted laboratory providers, we at Accurate Covid19 Test will do our best to meet your testing needs.

If you need a PCR test in California, we will gladly provide it for you. Have your school tested today with our mobile COVID test!

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